YG Yangin Guvenligi (YG Fire Safety Co.)

We have invented a new revolutionary Super Fire Ball (Made in Turkey) that works absolutely different than the other traditional fire balls, which is unique and the most developed extinguisher fireball product in the world.

Super Fire Ball is based on multi-activation (3 different activation method) technology which provides an advanced solution in comparison to portable fire extinguishers and other Fireballs.

Super Fireball can be activated by using numerous types of fire detectors (smoke, heat etc.) or heat cables, after connecting the ball to the detectors.

It is easy to set up the connection, only requirement is pulling out the cable from the super fireball in order to make wire connection with other devices such as a detector, heat cable, or the Super Fire ball can be integrated to the existing fire detection panel and fire button within the protection area which shown in the last figure of this document stated under the 3rd method of activation.

Therefore, Super Fire Ball is the only Fire Ball that provides an alternative method for activating the ball to provide higher reliability in fire extinguishing. This feature gives you more options to activate the Super Fire Ball, so this provides an allowance to activate the ball by using any fire button connected to detectors or heat cable and fire detection panel.

According to this, you do not have to be worried about whether the flame will touch to the fireball or not, and Super Fire Ball will make you feel more secure than ever.

Made in Turkey
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